Guided spa workshops to take you through Facial Care and/or Body Care Protocols, Step-by-step.

A lovely way to learn more about essential oils, take a self-nourishing break + bond with friends.



+ Wash away impurities while nourishing and gently exfoliating skin.

+ Enjoy a Botanical Steam tent to open pores + invite a few moments of nourishing deep breathing, intention, gratitude and relaxation.

+ Learn the benefits of each of clay masks.

+ Hydrate and balance skin with an essential oil complexion water.

+ Finish with a densely nutritive and nourishing facial serum to lock in hydration.

+ Apply a Lip Balm to finish things off.



+ Enjoy a sampling of essential oils that are purify and nourish the body.

+ Exfoliate, detox and nourish with sea salts.

+ Hydrate and nourish with a mist of complexion water or bath and body oils.

+ Finish with a body balm to further nourish and enliven skin