Super Attractor Workshop – Gabby Bernstein


Super Attractor Workshop – Gabby Bernstein

When I signed up the for the workshop I wanted to learn how to reconnect, tap into the flow of abundance and manifest everything I desired.  Being a Super Attractor means that what I believe is what I will receive. I can co-create the world I want to see by aligning with good-feeling emotions and directing them toward my desires.

Here are my takeaway notes:

  • Mediate daily.
  • Daily affirmations.
  • Read more Abraham Hicks.
  • Lean EFT – tapping.
  • Be in alignment to receive.
  • Be patience.
  • Have positive expectations.
  • Realign yourself with the truth with who we are.  We forget. 
  • Allow myself to accept that I create the world that I want to see and sometimes I create the world that I don’t want to see.  As long as I remember that I am a super attractor I can always come back to alignment with what I want. 
  • 5 steps to get into alignment with the flow of the Universe, with the truth, joy, appreciation, abundance, well-being and stop focusing on what is not working and what is thriving.
  • You are in alignment when you feel good.  When you are out of alignment when you don’t.  So simple
  • Feeling good is what attracts more good.  Feeling good is feeling God.
  • When we are out of alignment we feel resistance and blocked.

5 steps to get into alignment with the flow of the Universe, with the truth, joy, appreciation, abundance, well-being and stop focusing on what is not working and what is thriving.

Step 1  -The Universe is always saying yes. 

  • Every thought and intention you put out to the Universe there is always a yes coming back to you.  Are you are yes for wellness or illness, yes for romance or yes for loneliness.  What are you a yes for? 
  • Do not judge yourself when you are out of alignment.  When you judge yourself you get more momentum to be misaligned.
  • Tell the story of wellness, not illness.  Contribute to your well-being. 
  • Become as yes for what you do want.  There may not be a part of you that does not believe it.  How can you shift your yes?  We want to slow down the momentum we don’t want.  Its ok to be out of alignment.  Forgive yourself fast.   Stop the self-attack and judgement.  Be kind to yourself.  I forgive myself for being out of alignment.  I am human.  Allow us to be ok where we are at.   Breath – Slow done the momentum.  Redirect focus.  Nap – This can slow down the negative momentum.  If you are feeling helpless, help someone. 
  • I am not the victim of the world I see. 

Step 2 – It’s good to feel good. 

  • We have so much resistant.  We are more comfortable in fear than faith.  We use fear to protect us from being hurt or disappointed.  When you have a moment that you feel good go for more.  Feel good and ride that wave.
  • Dr. Dire - You don’t get what you want.  You get what you are. When you ride the wave of momentum of what you want to create, who you want to be and how you want to feel you start to become who you want.  You start to embody what you want.  You don’t want to go anymore.  It becomes you.
  • When you feel good you keep going.  What if the whole world was in this vibration? Not just you?   Train those trainers, teach those people, write those books. Give other people the light.  Remind them of their truth. Create a ripple effect.  Spread that light.  Be the light.  Be that powerful force. 

Step 3 – Take spiritually aligned action.

  • When we take an action from a place from misalignment it doesn’t work.  Get into alignment before you start. 
  • Three myths.  Myth: The harder I push the more I receive.  Truth: The more you allow the more you receive.   Myth: The more you do the more your worth.  Truth:  The better you feel the more you allow.  Myth: I need what I have but there is not enough to go around.  Truth:  There is an infinite stream of well-being and enough to go around.  You either align with it or you don’t.   Only take action from a place of alignment.  Ask yourself if you are in joyful alignment.  Be mindful about the actions that you take.  They will have a greater impact.
  • When you find yourself out of alignment find out what is working for you.  When you are working with others and the ship is going in the wrong direction you keep say it’s not working.  Then you just get mad and have momentum for a negative conversation. Try instead: It would be really great if this is what we started to see happen.   I am really excited for this to be impactful.  Start speaking out on what you really want to do.   

Step 4 – Follow the fun.

  • Ask yourself how do I want to feel instead of asking yourself where I want to be.  You will begin to see your obstacles as your opportunities.  The universe is giving you signs. 
  • Focus on what is thriving.  Try the appreciation game.  Go down the list of everything you appreciate.  Vibration led by joy and fun.  Say it over and over.  Write three to five pages of positive aspects of what is working.  Play the game with a loved one to get back into alignment.  You can bring yourself back in seconds.  If you’re not there yet, have fun along the way.  Everything is in perfect time and everything is unfolding.

Step 5 – Put out what you want to receive. Claim it. 

  • Put it out publicly – in the vortex.  Be unapologetic about it.
  • Believe it to see it.
  • Direct your positive intentions to what you desire so you can create that momentum.  Set a clear intention.  Before you send an email out set an intention, before you put a post out set an intention and so forth.  Think about it and dream about it for 17 seconds.  Don’t let any doubt get in the way.

This workshop was so powerful.  You are a Supper Attractor!

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