Hops Infused Body Oil - Dry Skin Remedy


Hops naturally contain constituents that can inhibit the enzymes in skin that cause aging.They're a wonderful addition to your winter self-care game when skin can become more stressed due to harsh temperatures and dry weather.


Oil: Camelia, apricot, jojoba, or a blend of all three
Hops, de-stemmed, rinsed, and dried well
Essential oil. Before you settle on a scent, test a small drop on your bare skin. Some essential oils can be harsh to some people.


Cut stems from hops and rinse in a strainer. Let air dry until they are completely dry, or dry them in an oven set low at 150 degrees with the oven door slightly cracked.

Fill a mason jar or glass bottle with hops, then pour oil in until it covers the hops entirely. Use a solar infusion (that is, let the jar sit in the sun and infuse for a day) then strain out the hops and return oil to your jar. Apply to skin as desired

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