A 5 Part Series To Customize Your Own Adaptogen Blends for Energy, Beauty, Clarity and Immunity


A 5 part series for Energy, Beauty, Clarity and Immunity.

Part 1 – Custom Blending Your Own adaptogens

Powdered adaptogen blends do everything from lower stress and soothe irritated skin to boost immunity and promote sleep. Each blend is a little different, so it’s helpful to pick one that specifically works for you.  The blends can be a tad on the expensive side.  Luckily you can make your own with just a few of the right herbs and a coffee grinder–and it will only cost you pennies per scoop! 

In this five-part series we will be covering the topics below with recipes. 

Part 1 – Custom Blending Your Own.  Do you want to make your own adaptogen blends?

Part 2 – Adaptogen Blend + Energy.  Are your tired and stressed out?

Part 3- Adaptogen Blend + Beauty.  Do you want beautiful glowing skin?

Part 4 – Adaptogen Blend + Clarity.  Are you looking for more mental clarity and alertness?

Part 5 – Adaptogen Blend + immunity. Are you feeling depleted?

How To Make Adaptogen Powder

Buying herbs in bulk is one of the easiest ways to make your own adaptogen blend. You can simply pick them up from the bulk bins at your market or buy them online.  I get mine form Rebecca’s Apothecary (www.rebeccasapothecary.com) in Boulder.  I always try and shop local/small business when I can.

Add a teaspoon or two to coffee, tea or a smoothie.  If you find the taste a little too strong, start with 1/4 a teaspoon in the morning and work your way up.


Below are some roots and superfoods to help your customize your blends after our 5 part-series.


Immune strengthening

Stress relieving

Liver protective

Improves circulation

Protects against radiation, free radicals, and other environmental stressors.


Promotes healthy skin and connective tissue.

Helps facilitate the removal of toxins from the body.


Enhances the ability to absorb oxygen.

Facilitates creativity, stamina, immune strength, balanced weight, longevity, and focus.


Strengthens and protects skin, metabolism, immune response, energy levels and enhances whole body function.


Tonifies and nourishes hair, skin, nervous system, and sexual center. It is also a potent blood builder, improves brain function and memory, and supports the immune system.


Tonifies the immune system; inspires vigor and strength; relieves mental, emotional, and physical stress; and harmonizes mind, body, and spirit.  Balances hormones, supports natural libido, helps normalize the sleep cycle.


Enhances brain function, soothes the nervous system, supports overall well being, elevates mood, and refines the senses.  Helps to support a healthy nervous system by providing 15 percent L-dopa, the immediate precursor to dopamine in the neurotransmitter cascade, elevates the mood and soothes the nervous system


Supports oxygenation of the body, mental power, athletic endurance, sexual energy, muscle tone, and the immune system.


Reputed to be a potent aphrodisiac—supports hormonal balance in men and women, healthy metabolism, immune response, and enhances whole body function.

Tomorrow we will continue with Part 2 on creating an adaptogen blend for energy.